Historic Window Shutter Architectural Detail

Situated in the historic district of Roslyn’s bustling downtown area this classic, 17th century, single-family residence was fully restored and brought back to its original glory. All of the exterior detailing and woodwork was carefully documented to ensure exact replication as needed of all features where repair was infeasible.

Roslyn Historic Home Renovation

The exterior repair work and replacement the interior woodwork required careful restoration so as to not detract from the classic, historic interiors of the home. Original flooring, doors, and handrails were all fully restored to not lose the historic character of the home.

Restored Farmhouse Architecture Roslyn NY
Historic Home Stair Railing Woodwork Detail

The existing barn on the property was converted to an artist studio loft and a wood burning stove was installed along with new insulation in order to make the space usable year round.

Our architects worked closely with the Village Historic Board to maintain all original details in the home. It was imperative to all involved to execute this act of historic preservation to the highest degree.

Classic Red Barn Home Restoration