This custom, single family home draws upon the classic style of the surrounding homes in this quiet, sprawling Long Island neighborhood. Along with the clapboard siding, care was taken on all exterior details to bring out the character of the home. Custom brackets were used to affix the wooden shutters to create a historic charm. The solid mahogany entry door is used as a contrast to the clean black and white lines of the home.

The custom interiors of the home fully realize the design intent of the exterior. Custom wood built-in millwork units are utilized throughout as well as intricate trim detailing on both the walls and the ceiling highlighting the design. Custom layouts of the flooring complements the intricate trim detailing within the home including reclaimed, wide plank wood floors were used throughout the residence to provide a luxuriously rustic feel.

A pool house and trellised shade structure were also designed as complement pieces to the home bringing a cohesive look the finished grounds.